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I'm unemployed - what do I do

I'm unemployed - what do I do now?
Ok - you have just lost your job, or have been given notice - and you are now unemployed. This article in Career Advice will focus on some basics on how to deal with unemployment. A few reminders - make sure you receive your separation papers - this is the law within North America - and you must receive them within a certain period of time - from what I have researched - no more than a month in any State or Province (most are within two weeks). Also, try to find out what reason your employer is citing as your dismissal. The difference can mean waiting extra weeks for Employment Insurance to kick in.
Now, once you have your papers, get thee to the EI office! Be prepared to wait, and talk, and be grilled. You'll also have to sign up and take a course/seminar of some kind - one on how to fill out those wonderful cards/information on your status to collect any EI you might be entitled to collect (this one is mandatory to ensure you can fill out the forms correctly); and another on how to get a job. UNDERSTAND THIS - the second one is an excellent tool to help you get over the devastation of losing your job and how to find more work, but despite what the Government workers tell you - THIS ONE IS NOT MANDATORY FOR YOU TO ATTEND. It is, however, in the Government's best interest for you to take this course - it keeps their own workers employed and their statistics optimistic. So, to keep your Designated Officer happy, sign up for one, then call and cancel with some excuse such as you have a potential interview.
Now, the real part. You need a new job, and you need it TODAY. Guess what - you already HAVE a full-time job - that's looking to find a job. So get ready to do just that.
DO NOT let others tell you to take time off - that's what the weekends are for. But feel free to "schedule" a vacation - then stick to it - have your days off, then back to work! Your new work week consists of this:
Decide at what time you will get up each morning. NO, it does not have to be at your usual 7 am - but don't try to just sleep the morning away. Pick a reasonable time that also still fits in with your family's schedule - if you live alone, pick a time that still works for you - I strongly suggest no later than 9 am.
Each day you have work to do - first, create and update your resume. Create a Skills sheet. As you are doing this - what kind of work do you want to do? Stay within the boundaries of what you were doing? Get some upgraded skills and try another area? Put your thoughts on paper - no one else needs to see this, but YOU need to commit to paper some of your feelings.
Make it a habit to check in at the EI office at least once or twice a week - there are FREE resources for anyone (with a valid Social Number) to use - the fax to send out resumes, the computers to search the internet for jobs or create resumes, job postings from the EI office from employers, seminars to help you find a job or decide on a new career move, resume and cover letter help, government grants to help you start a new business or venture.
Don't forget to also schedule in time for lunch, breaks, and exercise. You need to keep yourself in top shape emotionally and physically - this will help you beat the blahs and also be prepared at a moment's notice for that great interview!
Start by creating a schedule for the next few days - these are the easiest as you have so much to do and it is all so new and overwhelming. Yes, schedule lunch with friends - you need your social network not just in case someone has heard of an opening, but just to touch base with people and have real contact.
The emphasis here is keeping to a schedule. As you hone your resume and cover letters, you will then need to keep yourself on track by looking for a new job EVERY day - be it checking all the online job postings you can get, or reading every want -ad paper in your area.
Paym Bergson

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